S1E2: Marriage Myths

Commonly believed lies about marriage that’s not serving us well

“And they both lived happily ever after”… Said no one ever! A more accurate phrase would be along the lines of: “If only I knew…”

Most of us have been exposed to a steady stream of ideas about marriage that doesn’t serve us well. We think: “If I could only find ‘the one’, then my life would be complete”. Instead, many people fall in love, tie the knot, and then over time realise the reality of where they find themselves can be very far removed from what they thought when they said: “I do”.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage is probably one of the best experiences in life worth cultivating. But that’s the key. Great marriages don’t just happen, they are cultivated.

In this episode, we look at some widely held beliefs about marriage that are just plain “wrong” and we suggest a few alternatives that may just turn your life and relationship around altogether.

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