Making it on My Own

52 Smart Ways to Smash it in the Real World – the long-anticipated Young Adults Guide to Independence.

The book helps 16-24 year-olds to get a strong and confident grip on their lives. This super fast-paced read at only 2 pages per chapter, gives short, sharp and practical hits on financial, physical and emotional independence. Don’t waste another minute struggling at school, uni or work.  Discover the secrets to creating and living your dream life!

Here is a taste of what you’ll discover…

  • Why habits are for lazy but smart people
  • How to stay out of trouble, and why nothing good happens after midnight
  • Secrets to making money your servant but never your master
  • How to leave home so your family will miss you
  • The right way to end a bad relationship
  • Clever ways to set boundaries so no one can take advantage of you
  • How not to let success go to your head or failure to your heart


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